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Welcome to ST GEORGE'S (previously known as BRISTOL) Echocourse for Neonatologists

This is our popular 2 days hands-on clinical course where we teach basic echo skills and basic aspects of congenital heart disease together with the use of echocardiography for the neonatologist.

We start with basic physics relevant to ultrasound and echocardiography followed by interactive demonstration of the anatomy and pathology of the heart. We particularly concentrate on topics relevant to the busy Neonatologist such as assessment of ductal shunting, pulmonary hypertension and management of the hypotensive infant using echocardiography.

The intensive theory sessions are followed by hands on sessions in order to solidify what was learnt in theoricetical part of the course. Two of the practical sessions will also involve a visit to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in order to provide better understanding of the use of echocardiography in neonates.

The Neonatal Echo Course is held once a year.

Next course is scheduled for 23rd and 24th NOVEMBER 2019 in at St George's Hospital, London

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